Additional Resources

Here are some additional websites where you can find support.

Electric Frontier Foundation

  • Tracking the impact of content moderation on freedom of expression world wide.


πŸ”— Β Electric Frontier Foundation
πŸ”— Β Tracking Global Online Censorship

Trust and Safety Foundation

  • A series of case studies showing ethical dilemmas in content moderation


πŸ”— Β Trust and Safety Foundation
πŸ”— Case Studies

American Civil Liberties Union

  • The latest news on free speech on the internet.
  • Recent court cases pertaining to laws on the internet


πŸ”— Β ACLU website
πŸ”— Free Speech > Internet Speech

Mozilla Foundation

  • Foundation working towards a public and accessible internet.
  • Six stories to inspire better regulation.
  • Check how private the digital items you use actually are.


πŸ”— Β Mozilla Foundation
πŸ”— Β When Content Moderation Hurts
πŸ”— Β Be Smart. Shop Safe.

Community Guidelines

  • Read the community guidelines of the social media websites you use for more specific information.


πŸ”— Β Facebook Community Standards
πŸ”— Β Instagram Community Guidelines
πŸ”— Β The Twitter Rules
πŸ”— Β TikTok Community Guidelines
πŸ”— Β Reddit Content Policy
πŸ”— Β YouTube Community Guidelines