Data Privacy and Collection

Read about some best practices to protect your privacy on social media.

Project your account with built-in features

  • Use more complex and different passwords than you have used in the past
  • Use two-factor authentication when possible


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Avoid logging into social media accounts from public devices, if possible

  • Check if your connection is secure. Having https in the web address means it's secure, but doesn’t necessarily mean it’s legitamate.
  • Public devices that are not your own is susceptible to data breaches.
  • Avoid logging into any of your social media accounts when possible


🔗  How to Protect Your Digital Privacy

Be critical of the content you’re engaging with. Don’t click suspicious pop-up ads

  • Keep an eye out for any pop-ups or scams that could be dangerous.
  • An example includes an ad saying that you have won a lottery or gift card without entering and asks you to provide personal information.


🔗  What You Need to Know to Protect Your Data Online

Be aware that public wireless connections can be unsafe

  • Change your settings to prevent from automatically connecting to public wifi. Use your mobile data whenever possible.
  • Encrypt your information securely by using a VPN.
  • When using public wifi, do not access any personal information.


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Download anti-virus or anti-malware software to your devices

There are a wide variety of anti-virus or anti-malware softwares that can be downloaded to protect and to ensure protection against threats.


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Update your privacy settings in the app

  • Making your social media accounts private can help protect your information online
  • This protects your information online and allows you to decide what can and can’t be shared online.
  • Review the privacy settings on all your social media accounts to make sure that the people you’re sharing with are actually the people you want to see your content.


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